PROET S.A. School Buildings

School Building

PROET S.A. has been one of the first Contractors to implement the Prefabricated School Projects of the Organization of School Buildings (O.S.K. S.A.), which is the only institution in Greece that has a continuous prefabrication agenda and a Prefabricated Projects Department.

VARVAKIOS School Vilia High School Kindergarten in Olympic Village Aegean University
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Since 1977 PROET S.A. has built a series of school buildings using the system of load-bearing wall elements, measuring 1,80x3,60m and having a thickness of 0,40-0,50m, in accordance with designs elaborated by the Design Department of O.S.K. S.A.

Indicative Projects are:

  • 4th Primary School of NIKEA
  • 15th High School of ATHENS (KIPSELI)
  • High School of PALLINI
  • VARVAKIOS School
  • 9th Primary School of ATHENS
  • 113th Primary School of ATHENS
  • 3rd Primary School of GALATSI
  • 66th Primary School of ATHENS
  • 2nd Primary School of MEGARA
  • 1st Primary School of GLIFADA
  • 2nd & 4th Primary Schools of LAVRIO
  • 9th Primary School of CHAIDARI

In 1981 PROET S.A. started producing and installing Single Classroom Units, Lavatories and self-contained Kindergarten and Primary School Units, using the transportable heavy prefabrication system. The first units, subvented by the Onassis Foundation, were installed in the Prefecture of Corinthia.

The transportable heavy prefabrication system, designed and implemented by PROET S.A., proved very efficient and was subsequently applied with great success under very tight time-schedules, for the construction of over a thousand School Units throughout Greece.

The system has been also applied for the urgent construction of School Units, following the disastrous earthquakes in Corinthia, Kalamata, Grevena and Attica.

Since 2005 PROET S.A. has applied the new type of single-story or two-story cells with perpendicular prestressing in the construction of O.S.K S.A. Projects.