PROET S.A. Company Profile

Company Profile

PROET S.A. was established in 1964 by Konstantinos B. Christopoulos, pioneering in prefabrication in Greece. It is the oldest active company in heavy factory prefabrication. The company is a member of J&P-AVAX Group since 2002.

During its 45 years of activity, PROET S.A. has successfully completed a large number of construction projects for many clients of the public and private sectors, applying groundbreaking techniques and innovations. Accumulated expertise and long experience place PROET S.A. among the leading and most reliable companies in the heavy prefabrication field.

PROET S.A. is a founding member of the GREEK ASSOCIATION OF PREFABRICATED CONCRETE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES (S.E.VI.P.S.) which pursues technical and professional matters related to the prefabrication industry.

Since 1998, PROET S.A. is a partner in MODERN PREFABRICATION S.A. (SY-PRO), which produces sleepers for Hellenic Railways (OSE). Today PROET S.A. holds 35% of SY-PRO and along with ATHENA S.A., also a member of J&P-AVAX Group, control 60% of SY-PRO.

Certificate EN ISO 9001:2000

In 1999 PROET S.A. obtained the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate, issued by TUV HELLAS, which was later upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 to comply with the new specifications, and is rigorously applied to-date.

PROET S.A. is also a registered contractor for Public Works with a 4th class license.

The company aims at providing cost-effective products and timely services which meet all Client's requirements and which are constantly aligned with the latest construction trends and the stipulations of all new Regulations and Statutes.

PROET S.A. is fully equipped to tackle any public or private sector project with speed, quality and reliability. Its modern Prefabrication Plant in Aspropyrgos, Attica, on a property of 36.000 m2, produces quality elements under the strictest controls, and its staff are trained and experienced to provide first-rate services.